Saturday, 13 April 2019

Unexpected departures

I was heartbroken about some buses that I really like going. I was informed a few weeks back and was told to make the most of 27580-2 when I can I wasn't expecting them to go this soon. I was hoping more like the end of the month so I could enjoy them for that little bit longer and after 15450/1 and 15636 arrived I knew the 3 were the replacements for 27580-2. 

27581/2 got removed from service down here a few weeks back and 27580 clung on for that little bit longer until that left. They have transferred well away well and truly out off the South East but all the way to Scotland so many memories have been created on these buses and they will be missed here is some of my photos that I took.
What would be my last photo of 27580 the bus is seen leaving Langney it would be taken out of service and prepped for transfer 5 days later.

A week before sees 27580 arriving at Langney
Sadly, I was unable to capture 27581 on its last week here is my last photo of it awaiting its entry into Langney.

Back in the Summer of 2018, 27581 took a spin on the 5 a route which didn't see these running often on it.
 27580 and 27581:
One of my favourite photos sees 27580 and 27581 both on the 1 but going different ways.
27582 is seen arriving at Langney its screen refused to come out.

27582 this time is seen leaving Langney whilst on the 1 service.
It has been nice showing these buses in the good times and hopefully 27573/4/5/6 stay they appear to be as of this week.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Recent fleet additions

I was surprised at the end of last month when I saw a 2008 Scania E400 in Langney when I was coming in on the bus. I wondered why it was here I was like is this a loan or permanent transfer and found on fleet movements on socials that it was a permanent transfer.  That Scania came down with 2 other Scanias from Stagecoach West they were 15450 (MX08 GHV), 15451 (MX08 GHY) and 19636 (SF10 CCN).

The photos that I'm showing are the 3 Scanias in their first week in service on routes in Eastbourne. It is the first time a 10 plate Scania has been in service in Eastbourne whilst the 08 plates are not the first 08 plate Scanias in Eastbourne after a loan period back in February of KX08s from the Kent area of the division. 

Recent addition to the fleet 15451 MX08 GHY is seen leaving Langney my first ever photo featuring the transfers 

Sister 15450 MX08 GHV seen working the 5 service I haven't been on these 2 yet.

I will always remember my very first ride on this bus and I rode it at the start of this week and the driver was so happy they called it the happy bus here is 15636 SF10 CCN on the 1
I will look forward to the many rides I will have on this trio of Scanias.