Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Another Bus outing

Went on another Bus journey last week this time it was to Brighton for Gemini and Enviro300 spotting as they were Buses I really wanted photos of like for example 489 with the giant Ice - Cream which I've been after for sometime and I mamaged to hunt it down for photos. Also one of a new Regency Gemini as well and having seen some more of them they look really nice and suit the livery.
This Bus makes you feel hungry everytime you see it because of the Ice - Cream here is 489 (BJ63 UJT) on the 21

Stagecoach South Enviro300 27655 (GX10 KZH) on the 17

Refurbished and repainted new Regency Bus B9TL 430 (BF12 KXJ) is seen on the Regency shame the blinds didn't come out

I've also seen this Bus on the 13X but here is Route 5 branded B9TL 478 (BJ63 UJF) seen on the 5A

Unbranded B9TL 456 (BK13 NZY) on the 5B

Stagecoach South Enviro300 27666 (GX10 KZU) on the 17

Stagecoach South Enviro300 27649 (GX10 KZB) on the 17
There would of been more but due to the sun I didn't take as many as I hoped to take. The GX10 Enviro300s are a really huge batch.