Thursday, 6 September 2018

More Bus stop moves

April saw one side of Buses kicked out of Terminus and September saw the rest kicked out of Terminus. My story is a new challenge for photos of Buses in the town centre I've been unable to photograph the Doubles due to the trees and I have only been able to photograph the Singles in the new location. I wouldn't recommend the area for any photographs sadly, I'm stuck here because my parents won't let me out of the town when I want to leave the town to see Buses.

The best time to take the photos is when it's cloudy as the trees are an issue when it's sunny I have to hand pick the best time in which the trees wouldn't be an issue. Anyway, here is some of the photos of the Buses in the new location and a bit further down.
E200 36901 is seen working the 1X from the new stop.

The Buses sometimes go straight down to the next stop after the new stop E300 27574 shows how it's done.

The works have meant that the Buses have to stop further back in the next stop Scania E300 28606 does the honours.

Even the Wave isn't stopping properly this is because there was another Bus in the stop. 

One of the other allocation of 1X E200s is seen in the new location. 

A shadow from the trees prevented me from getting a photo in the new spot of the camera shy 27575 here it is a bit further down.

E300 27573 is also seen in the new location for Bus stops.
Hopefully the challenge won't be difficult.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Buses in Devon part 2 Buses in the city

Part one featured photos of the Hop 22 Bus route focusing on some of the Double-Deckers of Devon. In part 2, I went to the city of Exeter to focus on some of the Single-Deckers of Devon. The trip to the city led to me photographing 2 types of Bus I had never photographed before and that was the E200 MMC and MAN E300. I have many photos of the E400 MMC so wanted to add a few of the E200 ones to my MMC collection. 

Ages ago, some E200 MMCs transferred to the South West divison from somewhere up North in exchange for other Buses.

One of the E200 MMCs is seen in the big city

Meanwhile there were some MAN E300s about they're different to the ADL and Scania E300s operated down here

My main aim was to photograph the Cancer Research Bus here it is

As well as the MMCs, they operate many older E200s as demonstrated by this example

As well as the older ones they also operate the E20D classic E200s here is one of them

Another E200 is also photographed this is an older one

One of the other E200 MMCs is seen in the city 
Also to add, the City routes there are letters instead of numbers which is rather odd.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Buses in Devon part 1 Hop 22 Buses

I have just got back home from this years family holiday last year, it was Dorset I went to however, this time around, I went to Devon. This is how route branding is done not only does it have vinyl's, the standard Stagecoach colours have been changed to different shades of green which does look nice. 

The allocation on this route is Scania N230UD/Enviro400s carrying that green branding. When I last visited the area 3 years ago, the route was the Hop 11 and it had Tridents on it the 11 was withdrawn ages ago and was replaced by an hourly extension of the 22 this post is also my Double-Decker post.

The first Scania I photographed there was this one seen on the route on the Tuesday.

Seen on the Wednesday is my second Scania photo from this week.

This shows that Scanias aren't always on it Trident 18367 is seen on the route on the Thursday.

The one after was a Scania though as seen by this example. 

The final Scania is photographed on it on the Friday.
My final instalment will see my trip to a city when it was the Single-Deckers turn to be photographed.