Tuesday, 21 July 2015

More Bus photography from a different area

Due to work that is due to take place a Bus Stop in Terminus Road has shut this Bus Stop is Bus Stop E and the routes that used it were the 56,99 ( Stagecoach ) and the 12,12A,12X and 13X ( Brighton and Hove ). Another Stop has been set up with Bus Stop Markings on the road it is located just off Terminus Road in Cornfield Road instead of a perch like all the other stops for people there are benches next to the Bus Stop for people using those Routes to wait on and of course if people want to sit down for a bit.
The pictures I have for you were all taken from the other side of the road quite close to the New or Temporary Bus Stop and shows the Buses loading or dropping off passengers.
Brighton and Hove Gemini 2 475 ( BJ63 UJC  ) on the 13X
Stagecoach 17528 ( LX51 FOM ) on the 56 with a Wave Branded Scania Enviro400 behind

Stagecoach Enviro400 15770 ( GN61 EVT ) on the 99
Stagecoach Enviro400 15778 ( GN61 EWC ) on the 99
Stagecoach Enviro400 19019 ( MX06 XAU ) loading to start another round on the 99
 A rear shot of 19019 ( MX06 XAU )
You may have noticed that all the photos I have for you are Double Deckers because the only Routes that used that stop are all meant to be Double Decker Routes sometimes on Stagecoach routes 56 and 99 Single Deckers are sometimes used as well.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Trip to Tunbridge Wells

Last Week I went on another big trip to watch some Buses this time it was to Tunbridge Wells. My Bus there was Trident 18172 ( GX54 DVP ) on the 51/252 it was a really great Trident and is now one of my favourites. I managed to get some pictures of Buses whilst I was there and it was successful without these photos the blog will not of happened.

Now onto the pictures: First up is Ex London Gemini with Arriva Southern Counties the bus is 6127 ( LJ51 DHN ) it is photographed out of service.
Arriva Gemini LJ51 DHN
 I now also have a rear view of an Arriva Enviro200 1637 ( GN57 BNX ) here it is at the bus stop.
Enviro200 GN57 BNX
 Now onto an ALX400 also with Arriva it is 6225 ( X458 FGP ) it is photographed on the 77 service to Tunbridge Wells Station.
ALX400 6225 X458 FGP
 Now onto a Bus from my local area it is Scania Enviro300 28606 ( GN61 EVK ) on the 51/251/252 service it is apparently meant to be a great bus according to my enthusiast friends here is 28606 on the 252.
Enviro300 28606 GN61 EVK on the 252
 I can now bring you a rear view of an Gemini that was the first picture I explained here is 6127 LJ51 DHN.
Rear of Gemini 6127 LJ51 DHN
 Now sticking to the subject of Geminis we have similar Arriva 6125 ( LJ51 DHK ) on the 7 service to Tunbridge Wells Station.
Arriva 6125 on the 7
 My last pic I have to show you is of an Ex-Stagecoach Eastbourne Bus go-coach Cadet 6105  ( GX02 WXU ) this was my last picture that I took before getting the Bus home.
go-coach Cadet GX02 WXU
It was a great day out however I had to come back on 2 Buses they were Loop branded Enviro200 36903 ( GN13 HHU ) on the 252/51 however this had a water leak in Polegate and was unable to go further so I got on Enviro300 27579 ( GX58 GKL ) for the rest of the Journey on my first ever ride on the 54.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Eastbourne Running day 2015

Last Sunday Eastbourne held a Vintage Bus Running Day all the old Buses involved were giving free rides. It is held at Eastbourne Train Station every year and this year was the first one I went to it was the first time I have been in the Station bit where they all were since RRBS in February this year. I went on 3 Old Buses including an RCL Routemaster and an old Southdown Bus.

I will now show you all my photos:

First up we have RCL Routemaster RCL2260 ( CUV 260C ) at Beachy Head this was the Only area that the bus paused for a photo stop.

RCL2260 CUV 260C

CUV 260C rear shot
 Now onto another photo of Routemaster 100 BXL which was the 1000th Routemaster built I thought this because it said the 1000th .
Routemaster 100 BXL
 Now onto some old Southdown Buses we have Leyland National PCD 80R and Leyland PD3 BUF 277C.
National PCD 80R

BUF 277C
 We now have an old Single Decker MetroBus this didn't run any services at all on the day it is registered JTM 109V.
JTM 109V
Regent KHC 369
 We now have some Buses that were in the Eastbourne Corporation my Grandad was a Conductor in the Eastbourne Corporation. The Buses I have got pics of that were in this company are KHC 369 and JK 8418 
JK 8418
I hope you enjoy reading this post.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Enviro400 Transfer

I was alerted earlier that Enviro400 19019 ( MX06 XAU ) has transferred to Hastings this leaves two of the early Enviro400s in Eastbourne 19048 ( MX56 FRR ) and 19049 ( MX56 FRU ). My picture I got is of 19019 working the 51 in May this year.
19019 MX06 XAU on the 51 in May

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My trip to Brighton

This Post is one of my biggest posts I have ever done on Lous Bus Pics and it was on my trip to Brighton. Last Wednesday I went to Brighton for the day the first Brighton Bus of the day was ugly Streetdeck 930 ( BX15 ONG ) on the 12X and it was rubbish.

Now onto my photos the first couple of images are some of Brighton and Hoves Volvo B9TLS/Gemini 2s the pic below is off 422 ( BF12 KWX ) and the next one is off 432 ( BF12 KXE )

Gemini 2 BF12 KWX in Churchill Square

BF12 KXE on the 1
 The next pic is off MetroBus Enviro200 YY15 GDE on route 270 it has a fleetnumber of 6782
Brand new MetroBus Enviro200 YY15 GDE on route 270
 Some more B9TLS for you now route 49 branded 410 ( BJ11 XHL ) this was branded for the 7 then it was changed and route 6 branded BJ11 XHC .
BJ11 XHL on the 49 

BJ11 XHC on the 6
 Now onto an early Enviro300 now GX06 DZH it is seen working the 17:
GX06 DZH on the 17
 Now onto a Sussex Bus Esteem here we have Esteem PO58 KRD on what I think was the 40:
Sussex Bus Esteem PO58 KRD 
 One of my favourite photos I took on the day was of Gemini 2s 410 ( BJ11 XHL) and 415 ( BJ11 XHR ) meeting each other . 
2 Gemini 2s meeting each other 
 Now onto some Enviro400s we have Coastliner 700 YN64 XSL and a really rubbish photo of 404 DCD one done up to celebrate 70 years of VE Day and 100 years of Southdown.
YN64 XSL on the 700

A rubbish photo of Scania 404 DCD
 Finally I will leave you with a pic of a Single Deck Scania 56 ( YN58 BCV ) after spending most of the Day watching buses I got another Streetdeck back to Eastbourne.
Scania YN58 BCV on the 50U

A MEV that is now fixed after spending ages on the road

Just a small post for you the Worst MEV Trident ever with Stagecoach 17106 ( V106 MEV ) has been fixed after spending months of the road in need of a new engine I can provide you with my best pic of it working the 99 service in February I have now got permission to publish a most recent pic of it working the Arrows in Hastings thanks to Alex Fairweather.
V106 MEV on the 99 in February
A recent pic of V106 MEV on the Arrows Pic by Alex Fairweather.