Wednesday, 25 January 2017

More Rail for East Sussex

Just a small post from me today regarding last weekends 2 day Rail Replacement. There was a huge amount of London Buses (GAL ones) on it which sadly due to arriving way to late I missed most of them but I got some though including a Seaford Gemini which was once a GAL Gemini. The GAL London Buses that were on it, all appeared to be based at the same garage.

Seaford and District Gemini WVL494 SFZ 494 at the back of the Station
 London (TFL Buses):
One of the first times I've seen a London E200 on it GAL 756 (YX13 AHD) at the Station still with MetroBus logos

GAL E400 E212 (SN61 DDJ)

GAL E400 E208 (SN61 DCZ) on a RRBS service to Ore