Friday, 6 November 2020

Buses in 2020 the best bits from trips

With instructions now to stay indoors, I have decided to do a post featuring some of the best bits from my travels. There are a range of buses featured with Buses from Brighton, Norfolk and Devon featured. It was a hard decision to pick out 2 images from each trip but got there in the end so please enjoy. I'm going to start with photos from Brighton and work backwards. 

The most recent trip to Brighton featured the remaining required milk wrapped buses here is Gemini 465

I was also after my final green E300 here is 27918 seen proudly displaying its poppy for remembrance day.

Another green coloured E300 27755 is seen laying over on a 700 

I had the aim of photographing the electrics with 327 seen on its allocated route

Also on my list were the Compass MMCs here is 4303

Another best bit was the loans that came in for the 700 26147 lays over

I was able to snap a hybrid on the 6 on my first visit here's 444

My first time snapping a green E300 was 27844 on the 17
I also went on a holiday to North Devon for a week and found the bus station in Barnstaple here are 2 E400s from that trip 1 ADL and 1 Scania.
Old E400 19107 is seen at the bus station 

North Devon Wave branded Scania 15887 "Poppy" is seen in the bus station 
Finally, I went to Norfolk and Suffolk back in February this year and my highlights from there were seeing Border Bus Scanias and Scania E400 Cities.
It was a London bus before and carried a 59 plate here is Scania 211 BB06 BUS

One of my all time favourite photos of 2 Scania Cities on the Excel both buses are run by First