Sunday, 31 December 2017

My Bus review of 2017

What a year it has been down here for Buses I have to admit there has been lots going on with transfers, new Buses and conversions of routes. Elsewhere, i'v been to Dorset and Lowestoft as well as Hastings (there is no photos from Hastings on here but I did take some) as I thought I had way too many photos already. Time to start with the first quarter of the year:

Jan and Feb were quiet.

Doubles (E400s) on Loops weren't as common in the first half of the year as it was still allocated E200s then. March also saw an Wave 100/101/102 MMC appearing on the 99 a really odd working which I rode.

E400 19650 (SP60 DTN) still in one branding at the time of year is seen on the Loop still in the hands of E200s then the Bus is now as regular on the Loop and is now branded as well for it. 

Mis-behaving MMC 10724 (SN66 VWP) picks up for a Wave 99 it's branded for the 100/1/2!
 April was also quiet.

May/June saw me go up to Lowestoft for a few days to see family I finally was able to capture the heritage liveried ALX400 32059 (W219 XBD) and little E200 45117 (ST58 JPT) a couple of Buses I was after whilst I was there.
Heritage liveried ALX400 32059 (W219 XBD) arrives on a 1A I went on this when I was there and I liked it

Tiny E200 45117 (ST58 JPT) wasn't new to First but was acquired from JPT here it is with a 103
 June saw me find another spot for photos and was the month that I got my final photos of Loop branded E200s before the conversion to E400s in July.
Before the downsize of Buses on the 1X from E300s to E200s which used to be on the Loop, one of the E300s which was on it before is seen picking up for a 1X.

A month before the conversion to Doubles, E200s were the main Buses for the Loop 36907 (GN13 HHY) still full of pink picks up for a late Loop in June.
 July saw the conversion of the Loop from E200s to E400s which were on the 1/1A before as well as a holiday to Dorset. 
E400 19653 (SP60 DPV) was the first of 8 E400s branded for the Loop here it is picking up for a Loop the other 7 are 19648/9, 19650/1/2/5 and 19659.

Dorset saw me photograph Scania Omnicities More Bus 1199 (HF58 GZO) is seen on standby in Poole Bus Station

August was the month when the E200s formerly on the Loop, were finding other work on 5/5As, 1Xs and 56s and Compass took over the 13X from B&H for the Summer. As well as the trip to Hastings (chose not to use photos from it). Here is 36908 (GN13 HHZ) picking up for a 5A.

Compass Bus took over the 13X for a short while using VDL Geminis here is YJ05 PXB formerly with Go-Ahead

 September saw a big reshuffle with a huge number of Buses affected. Buses affected included E200, E300s and E400s. E300s 27571/2/3/4/5/6 (GX58 GKA/C/D/E/F/G) were the first 6.
Seen on what was its last day at EE is Euro 3 E400 19019 (MX06 XAU) setting down from a 51 service the Bus would transfer elsewhere the next day.

One of the returned E300s in the same month is 27576 (GX58 GKG) with a 1A service 
 October was a silent month as well so moving onto November which saw a small reshuffle this meant that E300s 27580/2 came along as 27581 came in December after repaint. It also saw the current Wave 99s starting to lose their branding ahead of the MMCs which are due to enter service shortly.
E300 27580 (GX58 GKN) is seen having just finished a 54 service

Scania E400 15771 (GN61 EVU) was the first to lose 99 branding here it is on a 51
 December was a bit quiet but it did see the return of the decorated Santa Bus and the new MMCs for the 99 started to get branded. The Santa Bus is decorated with the driver dressed as Santa and the Bus decorated all for charity. This years was the best decorated Bus yet despite it being an E200. It had things up, stockings at the back, toys hanging up, giant teddy bear in the front, lights and bells on the doors. It is done a week before Christmas.
E200 36902 (GN13 HHT) was the 2017 choice of Santa Bus which was kitted out with more decorations than any other Santa Bus I've seen over the past couple of years. It worked specials on the 1/1A and the Clockwise Loop here it is on the 1.

One of the new kit for the Wave 99 is Scania MMC 15329 (YN67 YLB) it is seen resting during type training for the drivers. They are all expected in service shortly. 
I hope 2018 would be the same with so much going on.  

Friday, 15 December 2017

Debrands ahead of new Buses

It is always exciting when brand new Buses are expected shortly but there is time to go back to the Buses that they will be replacing. The Wave 99 the fastest Bus service between Eastbourne and Hastings is getting an upgrade from the current Scania N230UD E400s to N250UD E400 MMCs. Driver training has already begun at both Eastbourne and Hastings ahead of the conversion. 

I'm using this post to show some off the Scanias that have been debranded and how the soon to be extinct old style branding is still found on a few Buses. I still need to go on 15773 but time is running out fast. I want the whole batch done but is seems very unlikely.

Still carrying old style Wave style as of the date the photo was taken is 15776 (GN61 EWA) picking up for a Wave 99

The pair at Eastbourne 15770/1 (GN61 EVT/U) have both been debranded but appear on other routes more as they don't have a set route now as they have no 99 branding. The first to be debranded out of all of them 15771 (GN61 EVU) is seen having just finished a 51

15778 (GN61 EWC) was the second Scania to be debranded and repainted here it is ready to take on another 99

Another debrand this time my Bus to Hastings for the past 2 yearly trips 15775 (GN61 EVY) picks up for a Wave 99 

Also the one that used to have that stupid front light now a distant memory now it's plain is 15770 (GN61 EVT) is also seen on the 51
The new 99 branding on the brand new MMCs is exactly the same as the Wave 100/101/102 branding instead showing Eastbourne to Hastings and not Hastings to Dover.

Monday, 4 December 2017

More fleet transfers for East Sussex

There has been quite a few transfers within Stagecoach South East recently. Buses being withdrawn from service and transfers from elsewhere within the divison. These transfers have been taking place on a Sunday as not as many Buses are needed they include:
DO - EE (27580/2)
EE-HS (15543)

I'm showing these below as there has been more transfers but they're Buses that I refuse to photograph.

After being at Dover for 2 years E300 27580 (GX58 GKN) is back at the garage it was new to here is 27580 on the 54

The white moustache Bus is also back after 2 years at Dover E300 27582 (GX58 GKP) picks up for a 1A
 Now for a Bus that has left Eastbourne and has transferred to Hastings. Only recently it was working EE routes but not anymore. 15543 can now be working Hastings route like the 98/99, Hastings workings of the 2 and possibly Hastings workings of the MMC route 100/101/102 as well as Hastings locals. 
At first I was confused when I saw this from a Bus. I was like Eastbourne don't do a 99 at this time into Eastbourne but what I saw was a Hastings blind up instead. So I went into the town centre just to get a photo Ex-Eastbourne 15543 (GN59 EWS) works the Wave 99.
All these transfers are happening way before the new MMCs for the Wave 99 enter service there will be more transfers then with most of the current allocation of 61 plate Scania E400s rumoured to be transferring to Herne Bay. I believe that unbranded Scanias many in which are older than the 99s allocation are filling in for the Wave 99 Scanias getting debranded and repainted.