Wednesday, 15 June 2016

More Scanias for Eastbourne and latest repaints of some of the Eastbourne fleet


Would of done this sooner but needed some more photos. Since I last posted sometime ago I was given updates that people helped me with. Eastbourne is becoming an hot spot for Scanias as towards the end of last month the last Tridents went and more Scanias came from Herne Bay after being displaced by Scania MMCs. This batch included two 09 reg and four 59 reg that are 15506/6 and 15543/4/5/6 (GN09 BDE/F and GN59 EWS/T/U/V). GN09 BDE/F both sound really horrible so now Eastbourne have some of the worst Scanias in the South East. However the 59 reg batch are good eventhough I've only been on 2 of them.
Now onto the photos of the Scanias:
Horrible 15505 (GN09 BDE) working the Loop on one of it's first days in service

Horrid sister 15506 (GN09 BDF) on the 1

15543 (GN59 EWS) working the 56 in it's first week of service

15544 (GN59 EWT) on the 51/251/252 on one of its first days in service

15545 (GN59 EWU) on it's first week of service on the 1A
Had to wait nearly an few weeks for an decent photo but here is 15546 (GN59 EWV) working the Wave 99 to Silverhill whilst similar Wave 99 branded 15771 (GN61 EVU) worked the 56
 Most of the photos of the Scanias were taken in their first week of service.

Latest Repaints:
There have been some recent repaints which have included debranding an Enviro200 to modified liveries on some of the Scania Enviro300s. Since I last published Enviro200 36903 (GN13 HHU), Dart 34492 (KV53 NHJ) and Scania Enviro300 28609 (GN61 EVP) all received new coats of paint. Some were pointless but one was for an specific reason. 28609 and 34492 were both only repainted last year and have received another repaint. 36903 was taken out off its Loop branding in favour for standard livery but retains branding inside though.

Now onto photos:
Fresh from the paintshop 36903 (GN13 HHU) on its first day in service after repaint

28609 (GN61 EVP) on its first day back in service after repaint. Note that the black from around the windows was removed in favour for it's modified livery but it retains the full blue on the front.