Saturday, 10 February 2018

MMCs: First month in service

In just under a weeks time on the 15th of this month it will mark the MMCs first month in service on the Wave 99. One of the MMCs below isn't on the 99 in the photo instead it's on the 5A this is the unbranded one 15328 (YN67 YLA) the other MMC 15331 (YN67 YLD) was broken which is why it was doing nothing in the photo. I'm not really that keen on them as they have fans on which is really common for a Scania with any type of bodywork. However, apart from that there is a few good ones.

Some have had their problems however, they have continued the best they can. I've mentioned before how luxury they are in terms of comfort and they still have the new Bus smell. With some of the photos, rain was an issue but it can't be helped sadly and at this time of year it rains alot I just hope for better photos when it isn't raining. 

The Eastbourne trio 15328/9 15330 (YN67 YLA/B/C): 
The unbranded MMC does the 99 when there isn't a branded one available 15328 (YN67 YLA) picks up for the 99 it was covering for 15330 which was doing something else.

When not covering for a branded MMC on the 99 15328 (YN67 YLA) can be found on a wide range of routes which run from its home garage here it works the 5A.

I tried to get a car flashing its lights out of the photo so I photographed 15329 (YN67 YLB) from the ground.

15330 (YN67 YLC) picks up for a Wave 99 .
 The Hastings group of 9 15331/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 (YN67 YLD/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M):
15331 (YN67 YLD) was having an off day in this photo here it is waiting for help

This one has been a bit camera shy lately as this is the only photo I have of it at the moment and I'm hoping for some more photos of it very soon 15332 (YN67 YLE) picks up for a Wave 99 on its first day in service.

This close up shot of 15333 (YN67 YLF) is picking up for a Wave 99.

Advertising the high backed seats like some of the others is 15334 (YN67 YLG) as it loads for a Wave 99.

15335 (YN67 YLH) is seen picking up for a Wave 99.

15336 (YN67 YLJ) is seen looking all smart in its branding as it picks up for a 99.

15337 (YN67 YLK) picks up in the rain on a Wave 99. 

This angle is unique 15338 (YN67 YLL) rests before another 99.

The last in the batch 15339 (YN67 YLM) also rests before it takes up a Wave 99.
Here's to the many more photos of them to come.