Sunday, 24 April 2016

A fond farewell to Eastbournes Trident ALX400s and what replaced them

A couple of weeks ago I was informed by someone that the Trident ALX400s at Eastbourne are getting replaced by Scania Enviro400s and sent to Kent for further use. Some have already departed and I don't know when the remainder will be departing. I really enjoyed the rides on them and my last ride on them will always be remembered.

My all time favourite Trident photo 18168 (GX54 DVL) is picking up passengers with 18172 (GX54 DVP) behind

18172 (GX54 DVP) having just completed a journey on the 54 from Uckfield

18173 (GX54 DVR) is seen picking up passengers on the 51

I would of chosen any picture of 18174 (GX54 DVT) but I selected this one of it picking up passengers on the Eastbourne Loop because it's an odd working

18175 (GX54 DVU) loading for a trip on the 99

The first one to go 18176 (GX54 DVV) seen on the 51 with its tree guard about to fall off only went on this one once

Not a good photo but here is 18530 (GX06 DYU) on the Loop
The Tridents replacements are 09 reg Scanias replaced by Scania MMCs 15501 (GN09 BCV) loads for a trip on the 51
I will really miss the Tridents so much they were really good Buses. The 3 Scanias here at the moment are Ex Breeze but are really likely to be joined by Ex Triangle ones as well.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

The South Easts biggest Rail Replacement

Last Sunday was the biggest Rail Replacement in the South East of England Brighton to Three Bridges and Lewes to Three Bridges. So I headed out quite early on Sunday to get the train to Brighton and despite getting told off by my parents about the time I got back it was a really good day. This was due to Engineering works that were taking place. I went on a Rail Replacement to Three Bridges and saw a car park filled with Buses and Coaches. I also saw an Ex Arriva London Trainer DLA as well.
The Ex DLA127 seen at Three Bridges stupid blind position though
GAL E143 (SN60 BZR) at Three Bridges

GAL Scania 964 (YT09 DYH) still carrying MetroBus fleet names

GAL B9TL WVL499 (LJ62 KYG) at Three Bridges

GAL E40D E212 (SN61 DDJ) at Brighton

GAL E40D E201 (SN61 BKG) at Three Bridges

Stagecoach South Scania 15987 (YN64 XSP) not branded properly

Flower Power! Stagecoach South Enviro400 19885 (GX11 AKN)

Southdown Convey President W464 BCW followed by Vyking GX06 AOE

Southdown DAF PM03 EHV I've seen this is in Eastbourne before

Vyking GX06 AOE at Brighton

Seaford and District B7TL ALX400 AV20 (X20 SEA) at Three Bridges

Southdown DAF PG53 YCT at Three Bridges

Spot the odd one out 2 MetroBus Scanias and a Southdown DAF

One of Compass Buses very few Double Deckers Trident (T183 CLO) this also has a stupid blind position

Another Stagecoach South Scania this time 15992 (YN64 XSW)

Unbranded Stagecoach South Scania 15585 (GX59 JYS) at Three Bridges
If I wrote all the names of the Companies that did it than that will take ages because there was loads of Bus and Coach companies that did it.

Monday, 4 April 2016

A little bit of Magic for Stagecoach in Eastbourne

Last week saw some Magic enter service in the form of Ex Magic Bus Tridents 17636/7 (W636/7 RND) at Eastbourne. These are the short term replacements for the newer 17528/9 (LX51 FOM/N) until we get some Scanias transferred over from Kent which could happen anytime soon. That is the reason why they haven't been repainted into Standard Stagecoach livery and have retained their Magic Bus colours. They can both be found mostly on the 56 with rare appearances on other routes 17636 has done the 51 and the 1/1A before whilst 17637 has stayed on the 56.

17637 (W637 RND) departs on the 56 shame about the blind not showing

Sister 17636 (W636 RND) loading for another journey on the 56

I do love the Magic Bus livery 17636 showing its past life

17637 loads for another trip on the 56.
I really need to go on these because they won't be here for long. They are just 2 of several to transfer to Stagecoach South East from Stagecoach Manchester most of then are short term replacements for Olympians whilst Eastbournes pair have replaced the 2 shorter Ex Stagecoach London Tridents.