Tuesday, 15 January 2019

MMCs: First year in service

I'm a bit sorry for the lack of pictures of the MMCs first year in service it's all because of whats been going on in the town centre. Today marks a year since the Scania MMCs entered service on the 99 alongside spare unbranded MMC 15328 which can be used on any route. I remember going on a couple of them on their first day and I was impressed with them. 

Unbranded MMC 15328 takes the title for the MMC I've been on the most due to its high presence on Eastbourne locals mainly the 1/1A and an appearance on the Loop can't be ruled out. This post is highlighting the MMCs and may they have many years on the route with them being Scania and not ADL.

15333 one of the many Wave branded ones on its normal route

The Eastbourne trio have been busy here is 15329 loading for another trip

Meanwhile, a very recent shot sees 15339 working a shortened 99 which is common during term time
 Whilst trying and struggling to get up to date shots, the unbranded MMC and the odd one out because it doesn't have branding is 15328 it's seen on the 1 in my most recent shot of it.
15328 the unbranded MMC is seen in a very recent photo on the 1 what appears to be its favourite route
I don't know when I can get the up to date photos again.