Saturday, 29 July 2017

Dorset Buses


This week I was away on holiday in Dorset there was lots of Bus activity going on in the Bus station. There was lots of Buses there ranging from B7RLEs to MCV Evo-Setis so quite an variety it was mainly Go - South Coast (More Bus) and Yellow Buses.
A More Bus B7RLE departs
Open Top Trident T502 SSG at Poole Quay

One of the Open top Scania Optares

Big Scania meets little Scania both Buses were on standby

Yellow Buses B9TL departs on one of its routes

An Older B7RLE departs on the 6

Another Scania Omnicity departs

Yellow Buses B9 departs the Bus station with an B7RLE on the left

Something I have a model of one of the Yellow Buses B7s

Here comes another Eclipse

A striking livery on this Scania

Another B7RLE departs the Bus station

These look so pretty now I have seen them close up one of the Purbeck Breezer MCV Evo-Setis departs on the 40

Parked behind an Omnicity was this B7RLE Wright Eclipse 2
This is somewhere which has a nice fleet of Buses.

Friday, 14 July 2017

The next installment to my Bus branding series former One being rebranded for EB Loop

This is the next installment to my Bus branding series. In this post, I will highlight the former One branded Buses being rebranded for the Loop. I will also compare what the front looks like on an Enviro200 and one of the Enviro400s which are replacing the Enviro200s currently on the route. Both the Buses are photographed in almost the exact same place.
What the Loop branding looks like on an Enviro200:
Enviro200s have operated the route since summer 2013 when they were new. The branded ones hardly leave the route in most cases, they are almost always on it. The Enviro200 i'm showing in this post is 36907 (GN13 HHY) showing what a Single - Decker looks like in the branding. It is working what will soon be its old route.
Soon to be an old Loop 36907 (GN13 HHY) works the route
 This is the future of the Loop Double - Deckers with free WiFi hopefully. Stagecoach originally were going to run the current 99s on it but that has since changed to the former One Enviro400s. The rebranding process is now underway with 19653 (SP60 DPV) getting a headstart with branding on the front they will look good when they are fully branded. I was like what is that stupid looking Decker with a Pink front appearing on the Loop I was shocked. I now reckon that Pink Doubles would look amazing and I hope to bring a post when this or any of the others are fully branded. The slogan when it was in One branding was is this the one you want? now based on its former slogan, I would go on to say is this the Loop you want?
19653 (SP60 DPV) showing off what will soon be Loop branding like what it has on the front.

Loop branding isn't changing it will remain mainly pink. The things that are changing, are the frequency and the Buses.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Loops getting debranded and more ones without branding

Just an small update on the debranding process of Buses based at Eastbourne garage. It is not just the Ones that are losing the branding they have started debranding the Loop Enviros as well. This is to do with changes that are taking place to services along the East Sussex Coast. The Loop I don't like the route at all horrid E200s on it the Loop is affected by the changes it will have an conversion to Doubles with a slightly reduced frequency only by 5 minutes though. This will allow the E200s currently on the route to be cascaded to other garages within the South and South East. Loop really needs them tbh as the E200s sometimes get to packed specially when they are late the Loop isn't that good keeping to time. So far, 2 E200s have lost the branding and unlike 36902/3, they have had it removed on the exterior and interior leaving it a bit naked. The state of these when the branding is removed is shocking marks where the branding was and really scruffy rears.
The E200s that have lost their branding at the moment are:
36902 (Summer 2016)
36903 (Summer 2016)
36905 (Summer 2017)
36908 (Summer 2017)
E200s remaining in Loop branding as of 8/7/17:
You are not a Loop anymore you horrid Bus but you still work it one of 2 that have so far been debranded 36908 (GN13 HHZ) works what will soon be its old route
 Not just 19648/50 now without branding 19649/51/3/4/5/9 have lost their one branding as well but it remains in the interior.
19650 (SP60 DTN) works its normal route the 1 without branding
 Back to the Loop now one of 3 E200s that remain in their Loop branding for the time being is 36907 (GN13 HHY). Soon pink fronted Loop Buses will be no more on the Loop and the streets of Eastbourne. This could well be my last photo of it branding but I hope to get some more over the next few weeks of them all debranded.
It survives in Loop branding at the moment but for how long for is the question. 36907 (GN13 HHY) is one of 3 that remain in branding as of 8/7/17
I wonder what will be the last One and last Loop in branding.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Branded Buses becoming unbranded basic one branding soon to be extinct

This a starter to the debranding process of the current "One" branded ADL Enviro400s. There will be a bigger post when all the Buses currently operating the 1/1A are eventually debranded.
So far there has been 2 of the 12 Enviro400s allocated to the 1/1A that have lost their branding 19648 and 19650. They had the slogans saying "The Eastbourne one" and "There will be another one soon." All of them will under go this process over the next few months so 19649, 19651/2/3/4/5/6/9, 19662/8 will soon lose theirs as well.
There must be an reason to debrand them all they can't debrand them without there being an reason to do so. Maybe the new MMCs will be allocated to the route when they come later this year I don't know they are either going to be for the 99 or 1/1A. However, none of the Scanias on the 99 have been debranded.
The Buses aren't going for repaint and as soon as the branding has been removed, they go straight back out into service. Like former Loop branded E200s 36902/3, they still have their branding inside the Bus. 
One branding is no more on the exterior of 19648 (SP60 DTF)

Another shot while it still picks up
Maybe the branding was only temporary.