Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Buses in Brighton: Part 1 Stagecoach buses on the 17 and 700

 I have been travelling again and on the 29th of the month, I visited Brighton for the 4th time for bus snapping. There were so many buses in different colours with Buses from Stagecoach South, Brighton and Hove and MetroBus snapped. This section will be based on the Stagecoach buses that were snapped during my visit.

Stagecoach run 2 routes into Brighton the 17 and Coastliner 700 which use E300s and ADL MMCs here are as selection of E300s and MMCs that were snapped.

Route 1 branded E300 27844 is seen working the 17 

Coastliner ADL MMC 10944 is seen on its usual 700 route

MMC 10965 is seen setting down whilst on a 700

The first in the batch 10941 is also seen on the 700 

The best I could do with E300 27658 GX10 KZL as a StreetDeck got in the way here it's seen on the 17
This is just the first part of the post with many more to come with images of Brighton and Hove Electrics, MetroBus  E200s and Brighton and Hove Geminis.

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