Thursday, 1 October 2020

Buses in Brighton: Part 2 MetroBus and Brighton and Hove

Welcome to Part 2 of my Buses in Brighton specials this time I'm looking at MetroBus and Brighton and Hove excluding the electrics they will be in the next post that I will be doing. The MetroBus vehicles were on the 270 and that's where I will be starting first. 

The main buses for the 270 are the nasty E200s with a ZF gearbox and are 5 years old some wear 270 branding and some don't. They are from the same batch as E200s I have snapped before but they weren't ones that I had snapped before.

270 branded E200 6780 is seen picking up for a 270 this was one I had seen later on
Unbranded 6774 is also seen on the 270
Brighton and Hove: Here are some Brighton and Hove buses some carry wraps, some carry route branding and one is unbranded. I even snapped a hybrid off route as well and I was hoping to snap a hybrid.
Gemini MK2 419 is seen standing waiting a quick clean 

Route 6 branded 404 is seen on its allocated route

PRTP 418 is seen working a 46 service 

455 is seen promoting a drink 479 also carries this wrap 

Gemini 459 is seen awaiting its next departure

Had to get an image of a hybrid here's route 2 branded 444 on the 6 

One of 2 football themed Geminis 470 is seen working the 26
The final part of this special will be looking at the electric buses that I have finally seen.

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