Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Tridents on the Loop

 The Loop is known for being allocated a mixture of buses whilst what should be doing it do other services. So far this week alone there have been 2 Tridents, 2 ADL E400s and 2 Scania E400s on it in 1 day and Tridents hardly appeared on it until recently as they mainly stayed on the 1/1As before. 

Eastbourne garage operate 3 Tridents all in which are 54 plate they are 18160 GX54 DVA, 18161 GX54 DVB and 18163 XIL 1560 (GX54 DVF) and all 3 have been on it in the past week. Luckily, I was there with my phone to get some of the action and another bit to add is that 18163 has just returned to service after a really long spell away with either a new engine or gearbox as it sounds different to 18160/1.

18161 GX54 DVB is seen on the Anti-Clockwise Loop with E300 27578 behind

18163 XIL 1560 (GX54 DVF) is seen on a Clockwise Loop this has only just returned after having work done it was its first outing on the route

18160 GX54 DVA is also seen on the Anti-Clockwise Loop
Hopefully these workings will continue imagine all 3 of them on there in 1 day that would be fantastic!

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