Wednesday, 21 October 2020

An array of colour and branding on the 700

There has been a wide range of buses on the Coastliner 700 recently with unbranded and branded buses appearing on the route which aren't branded for the 700. Stagecoach South have done route branding really well and in a different style to Stagecoach South East. 

In one day alone, I saw 4 different buses on the 700 in different branding including South Downs 1, The Pulse, Portsmouth route 23 and Coastliner 700 also adding unbranded E300 27668.

Worthing and the whole of South are a massive fan of E300s with many different batches of them in operation 3 of the buses in this post are E300s with the other 2 being an E200 MMC and E400 MMC. 

Unbranded E300 27668 is seen on an outward 700 in Churchill Square

Loan E200 MMC 26162 is seen laying over on a 700 service

Green E300 27755 is seen also laying over on the route

The Pulse branded E300 27677 is also seen in Churchill Square.

One of the normal allocation is E400 MMC 10946 it is seen laying over it looks better than the Brighton and Hove Gemini next to it.

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