Tuesday, 13 October 2020

An E200 MMC special

I may have gone to Brighton the other week but I then found out that almost a week later, there were going to be some surprises on the 700 in the form of E200 MMCs so I decided to go back last week and get some of them on camera. I managed to get photos of 3 of the loans all in the space of a few hours. 

The MMCs came from Portsmouth which form part of the batch for their 23 route and have been loaned to Worthing in exchange for some E400 MMCs for the 700. Which makes them miles away from home. The Stagecoach MMCs that were snapped were 26147, 26160 and 26163 and are long examples. In other E200 MMC images, I finally managed to snap half of the Compass ones I don't really snap much in the way of Compass but wanted to snap these! Their ones are mini ones and the 2 I snapped were 4303 and 4304 YX68 UJW and YX68 UJY. They carry a brand called City Buzz and have types of bees on the front. 
MMC 26147 is seen in Brighton on the bus stand after finishing the 700 

26160 is also seen having just finished a 700 service

Mini E200 MMC of Compass Bus 4304 YX68 UJY "Busy Bee" is seen at Brighton Station


4303 YX68 UJW "Honey Bee" is seen just off Churchill Square

26163 on a 700 is seen in Churchill Square
It was really nice to finally snap some more E200 MMCs with both Stagecoach and Compass Bus.

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