Friday, 2 October 2020

Buses in Brighton: Part 3 Electrics

After a few specials, I'm finally down to my last post highlighting buses in Brighton. Part one was Stagecoach and Part 2 was Metrobus and Brighton and Hove now here is part 3 the Brighton and Hove electrics. The buses have the E400 MMC body and have cameras instead of mirrors which takes me back to when I saw mirrorless buses earlier on in the year. 

 As soon as the day out was mentioned, I thought I would go to Brighton mainly to see the electrics and I did really well with 6 examples photographed during a single visit. The buses themselves have hardly any sound at all as they are so quiet. What I like about the buses is the graphics on the sides promoting how clean they are in terms of emissions.

Promoting Live and Breathe is YX69 NVT here it's seen on a 5B 

YX69 NWH is also seen on a 5B

YX69 NVS seen on a uni service of the 5B

YX69 NWR is seen on a 5A

Another 5B this time YX69 NWJ does the honours

YX69 NVO is seen on a 5 on its own not a 5A or 5B
It was a really good day I enjoyed myself and there were so many buses in different colours. I hope to visit again sometime won't be until next year though once it warms up. 

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